Rookie Mormon

Why is the longest serving Mormon apostle always chosen to be the prophet?

Can they choose a prophet from outside of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles?

This question reminds me of these kind of movies:

See also: Bruce Almighty.

Hey! What if an ordinary guy became the prophet? Could that happen?

Well, in a way, LDS apostles are ordinary guys. They all started with ordinary careers. They have not been hidden away in a seminary since birth.

But usually, somewhere in their ordinary lives, they began to respond to God's call in some way, like through service, teaching, or some other activity. They are all ordinary people, but they made extraordinary decisions when the time came, just like many people do both in and outside of the Mormon church.

Here's the thing. If God is really running the Mormon church, it makes sense that he'd want his prophet to have been an Apostle first. Especially since the prophet is also the President of the Church, and not just someone who tells people what he thinks that God says. There is an administrative and leadership capacity there that is absolutely crucial, no matter how many people think that religion doesn't need to be organized.

Having met several of these Apostles myself, I have been very impressed with them and their work. One of them, a former nuclear engineer, taught me how to listen for the voice of God (he has a surprisingly good sense of humor, too). Another one of them, a former car businessman, helped my Dad pursue his gift of wisdom and become an author. Yet another, a former educator, helped me see how serious and powerful the work of the Lord is.

I feel really grateful that I was able to meet these apostles. I think any one of them would make an excellent prophet of God. That may sound weird to some, but somebody has to do it, and these are highly educated, extremely spiritual people who have dedicated their lives to service.