Rookie Mormon

What is LDS General Conference?

Twice a year, Mormons have this thing called "General Conference." They gather to listen to a bunch of speeches.

Really, that's all it is. But what makes it different from a typical Sunday at church?

Why is this conference so special?

  • The speeches are meant to help us understand what God wants us to know.
  • The people who give the speeches ask God what to speak about before even writing a word.
  • The speeches have been approved by God's key representative here on earth, a "prophet."
  • There are 10 hours of speeches, spread over several days. Mormons frequently use Conference weekend as a time to gather with family & friends.
  • For the rest of the year, Mormons are asked to teach & learn about the topics spoken on.

Usually 12 hours of speeches means "boring." What's so interesting about it?

Mormons believe there's something different about being taught by an official representative of God. The attitude is, "I am about to learn what God wants me to hear."

Really, what would God say to you? Something groundbreaking? A simple message like "let's focus on the basics?"

Not everyone gets the same message

This is what I like about it. God doesn't have the same message for you that He has for me. I might need the message, "forgive your brother." You might need the message, "spend more time with your family." Whatever it is, Mormons believe that we will feel it and recognize the message when it comes to us.

So we're all listening for that personal message from God. And that's what the 12 hours is for.