Rookie Mormon

I Became A Mormon Because...

Why do people become Mormons?

The following are some of my favorite reasons, excerpted from the Mormon finder at

"I love how everyone treats everyone as family and we love everyone no matter what."--Jovan

"The Mormon church has provided us with direction and purpose in life as well as the opportunity to serve."--Seiko

"I started looking for a church to join with my family after having our first child."--Larry

"When i was 7 years old the missionaries knocked on our door and my dad let them in . The spirit and the message of those missionaries changed my life and the life of my family."--Daniela

"I wanted to be the man that deep down I knew I was supposed to be. My faith in the Savior, His example and the teachings of our church help me reach this goal."--Martand

"I was in Cyprus for my higher study which did not turn out to be as I intended but the best thing that happened to me is meeting missionaries and getting to know God and Jesus Christ in my life." --Rajesh

"The LDS church provides regular opportunities: 1) to learn how to live a more fulfilling and joyful life 2) to serve and encourage others 3) to strengthen my relationships with my family and friends 4) to improve by encouraging me to make promises and following up on my progress"--Chris

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